We aim to redefine the process of mergers and acquisitions


We connect entrepreneurs, organizations and investors. We understand your goals, absorb your challenges and together plan the next step of your business.


We aim to become the gold standard in the universe of independent Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) advisory services for the tireless pursuit of innovative, objective and aligned solutions with our clients.

Our Values

How do we ensure our Mission is carried out every day as we continually search for our best version?


Customer Focus

We are committed to your success.

We bring objectivity to M&A operations by efficiently translating complex concepts, thus eliminating most of the natural uncertainties and insecurities of the process.



Above all, we value ethics, transparency and respect in conducting business and relationships. We understand that this conduct is fundamental for the preservation of our credibility.


Humanized Relationship

The M&A market is traditionally perceived as an environment permeated by fixed, quantitative and bureaucratic processes.

At Magma, we break this logic by empathically understanding its history: What moves you, challenges you and makes you unique?

Therefore, we have developed a wide and deep network of relationships with entrepreneurs, organizations and investors, maximizing opportunities for results for our clients and partners.



By prioritizing our values ​​highlighted above, we automatically make a choice: Work with a limited number of clients so that we are able to follow these principles.

In your relationship with Magma, you will always have close contact with one of our partners throughout your journey with us.

The Partners

Foto de Ernani Ponce sócio da Magma M&A Fusoes e Aquisições

Ernani Ponce


Started in the financial market in 1980, Ernani has 40 years of experience in the M&A segment. Diplomatic and always willing to find the best solution for all parties involved in any transaction, he values ​​communication and is extremely attentive.

Foto de Leandro Mantesso sócio da Magma M&A Fusões e Aquisições

Leandro Mantesso


Leandro has 20 years of experience in the M&A market and brings to the table a different perspective in the area, having worked with several medium-sized family businesses. Calm and communicative, he is a great negotiator and is able to use a wide range of strategic and analytical skills to make projects feasible.

Foto de Marcos Magnani sócio da Magma M&A Fusoes e Aquisições

Marcos Magnani


Graduated from FGV and with specializations in renowned universities such as Columbia and MIT, Marcos has been working in the M&A market for over 13 years. Creative and intense, he develops innovative solutions to business problems and plays a fundamental role in customer relations.

Foto de Juliano Penatti sócio da Magma M&A Fusoes e Aquisições

Juliano Penatti


With extensive experience in the M&A market and a specialization at The Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania, Juliano is a professional of excellence, who values ​​objectivity in projects. He has a conciliatory and proactive profile, having gained contacts throughout the market.

Okay, but what does all this mean?

When we founded Magma, we decided to customize our process, while also humanizing relationships and bringing the team to the forefront, modernizing the way corporate transactions are done today.

We've built a 10 year worth of background and learnings that help us to lead transition moments for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Today, we have transformed the process of buying and selling companies, managing to look beyond the numbers, but we still have a lot to learn from you.

Let's work together?

Our team is excited to start working on your dream transaction. Talk to one of our partners to better understand the M&A market in your industry and how our process works.