We have been connecting entrepreneurs, associations and investors for over 12 years.

Our financial advisory goes beyond the numbers, enabling companies and its shareholders to unlock the full potential of Mergers and Acquisitions Strategies

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We redefine the M&A process

This is a process that traditionally generates many doubts and uncertainties. As a heavy time consuming effort, it also involves strategic reflections and precious investments. Therefore, without the best combination of experience and methodology, there is a significant risk of wasting resources and frustrating your expectations.

Magma's role is to bring the clarity needed to conduct this process through an expert's objective perspective.

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Looking for new paths for your company?

With more than 30 transactions completed over 10 years, we are experts on Capital Raising and complex M&A and Corporate Transactions.

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Understand our purpose, who we are and why our clients chose to have MAGMA beside them as their advisors. a

How does our process work?

Different market moments generate opportunities to expand or sell an operation. That's why we focus on understanding your business first and review every detail, with no commitment or upfront costs to you.

Avaliação e Diagnóstico gratuitos na assessora de m&a Magma



Through our simulator, we offer a valuable preview for your business just a click away. If interested, we will carry out a detailed valuation.



We map your moment and challenges, while also identifying which are the most relevant solutions that fit your company and its shareholders.



We organize the information sent and prepare transaction materials such as the information memorandum and the financial assessment.



Taking advantage of our network of relationships, we present your company to targets suitable to the deal strategy.


Due Diligence

After signing the non-binding proposal, we structure and guide the Due Diligence process.



We bring the parties together and solve differences or requirements through various negotiations, always seeking the success of your transaction.

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Why choose Magma?

Our methodology defines a tailored work plan for you and your business, from planning to execution.

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Exclusive diagnosis before commiting to an M&A process

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Partners fully involved every step of the way

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Focus on your company's operation while we focus on the transaction

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Our compensation is linked to your success

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